Bags and custom-made packing solutions.


Films and covers of all kinds from in-house production.

Packaging material

Additional packaging for 360 degree protection.

Pond liner

PVC Pond liner as cut pieces and rolls.

Your manufacturer for plastic packaging

Polytec is an experienced packaging manufacturer, specialising in the production of plastic films. Since 1988, we have been an expert partner for major, internationally active customers from a range of sectors, including transport, the automotive industry, pharmaceuticals, textiles and food.

In addition to standard production for retail and transport packaging, our particular expertise lies in creating custom solutions for complex technical applications. In PVC production, our experience has allowed us to quickly become a leading supplier of pond liners

We offer our films and packaging in a wide range of materials, thicknesses, dimensions and designs, so that you get the perfect product for your needs.
Outstanding material transparency, high-quality manufacturing and low production tolerances – with Polytec, you can get excellent quality for affordable prices.
We dispatch ordered goods immediately on request– as soon as we receive your order and your custom solution has been approved.

„Protecting what’s important“

We do everything to protect what is important to our customers. From safe transport and shipping to storage, we have the right outer packaging or retail packaging for any requirement.

With both our high-quality film production and a large stock list, we guarantee that your products will be best protected against contamination, loss, theft or damage.

From small parts bags to custom sizes, we create packaging tailored to your dimensions. We can also add a consecutive EAN code, batch number, ID or flexography.