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Polytec – Your manufacturer for packaging.

Polytec has been producing plastic products in Vreden since 1988.

We are family owned and operated, and are an expert partner for major, internationally active customers from a range of sectors, including transport, the automotive industry, pharmaceuticals, textiles and food.

We are best at producing custom plastic films to individual customer specifications for industrial applications. Our packaging provides a tailor-made and affordable way to get machine parts, textiles or food to where they are needed.

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Since 2005, we have also been offering PVC pond liners and garden accessories under the “polygard” brand. With our large-roll PVC pond liner, we are Germany’s leading brand in DIY and home improvement stores. You can also order at any time of day in our online shop (polygard). Simply tell us the dimensions you need, and we’ll deliver the desired cut sections. We will be happy to provide more information on our polygard range via telephone